Traditional Surrogacy

From 25 January 2022, we are not offering any kind of SURROGACY services at our centre after implementation of new Surrogacy law by government of India. All the details given below are for information only.

What Is Traditional Surrogacy?

Traditional surrogacy is illegal in India as per surrogacy act. In this type of surrogacy, the sperms from the intended father or the sperm donor are taken and the eggs are taken from the surrogate mother. The surrogate uses her own eggs to give birth to the child.

Who Are The Parents Of The Child Born From Traditional Surrogacy?

Since the surrogate uses her eggs, the surrogate is the biological mother of the child.

If the sperms that are used for insemination, are taken from the intended father, the intended father is the biological father of the baby and if donated sperms are used, the sperm donor is the biological father of the child. Surrogacy in India although being a medical procedure it is taken forward with legal aspects. Whenever a couple decides to take help of a surrogate mother, legal papers are signed that clearly state that the intended couple will lawfully be the parents to the child.
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Who Can Be The Traditional Surrogate Mother?

A surrogate mother in the traditional surrogacy method will be donating her eggs hence the surrogate has to be checked for fertility potential, the quality of eggs that the woman has and her physical capacity to carry the pregnancy till term. The surrogate must be a healthy fit woman completely free from any genetic diseases or existing or having a history of terminal illness.

When a couple takes surrogacy help from an agency, the agency has all the tests already performed before appointing a surrogate.
In traditional surrogacy, many couples prefer that the surrogate is someone from their family as the surrogate will be the biological mother of the child.

Which Couples Should Go For Traditional Surrogacy?

  • Couples where the woman has defective eggs along with the weak uterus
  • Couples where the woman is over 45 years of age.
  • When the woman has a high risk of miscarriage.
  • Couples of the same gender

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