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medal-icon-white11+ Years Exprience
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trophyIndia's Most Trusted Healthcare Awards
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trophyAsia's Greatest Brand & Leader Awards
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Segmented IVF Cycle Treatment in India

With the use of Segmented IVF Cycle Treatment, the success rate of IVF has been increased by 5-8% over the conventional IVF treatment process. The Segmented IVF Cycle Treatment by Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital is designed to ensure a higher success rate besides better woman’s and baby’s health.

What is Segmentation in IVF?

Segmentation in IVF is when the collection of an egg from the ovaries and embryo transfer to the uterus occurs in different cycles. The Segmented IVF Cycle enables one to recover between the initial cycle and embryo implantation.

With Segmentation of IVF Cycle, the woman is treated with Mild IVF, where eggs are collected only after 5-9 days of use of medication and drugs to stimulate the natural cycle. The collected eggs are fertilized with the sperms. The resulting embryos formed are then frozen. The woman is then allowed to have rest and recuperate before the embryo is put back. The woman will have to visit the IVF Clinic after a few weeks or a month to put back the embryo in a chemical-free and stress-free environment.

How Is Segmented IVF Cycle Treatment different?

During the Primary IVF, the intent is to pause the normal cycle of the woman into a temporary menopause state before giving a higher dose of stimulating drugs to ripen multiple eggs. After the fertilization of the eggs in an environmentally controlled chamber, approximately three embryos are placed back into the womb in the same cycle. However, any spare embryos formed are frozen.

On the other hand, in the Segmented IVF cycle, eggs are extracted only after 5-9 days of lower stimulating drugs in a woman’s natural cycle without making temporary menopause. The fertilized eggs are put back into the womb in a different natural cycle.

The endometrial lining can become less favourable for the implantation, reducing the success rate of the treatment. The Segmented IVF Cycle Treatment reduces the chances of implantation of the embryo and eliminates the shortcomings of conventional IVF. The Segmented IVF Cycle also minimizes the chance of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome.

When is IVF the Only Alternative?

If one visits an IVF clinic, like Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital, then the specialist may suggest some feasibility tests before starting the treatment. A segmented IVF is the only treatment possible in any of the following cases:

Ovulation Disorders

If the female suffers from infrequent or absent ovulation, then the chances are that fewer eggs are available for fertilization. Also, there are cases of premature ovarian failure. The usual age when the ovaries stop functioning and producing eggs is after 40. However, in individual cases, some females go through this prematurely affecting the number of eggs produced.

Blockage of the Fallopian Tube

If the fallopian tube suffers any damage or blockages for any reason, then segmented IVF in India is the final option. It is because the damage or blockage makes it difficult for the sperm to travel to the embryo diminishing any chance of conceiving a fetus.


When the uterine tissue implants grow outside the uterus, it results in disruption of the functioning of the fallopian tubes, uterus, and the ovaries. Also, fibroids are benign tumours in the walls of the uterus. Many women in their 30s and 40s suffer from these tumours, which affect their possibility of conception.

Tubal Sterilization or Removal

If an individual had a tubal ligation, then a segmented IVF Treatment in India offered at Wellspring IVF & Women’s Hospital is the only choice. For reversal of tubal ligation, IVF may increase the chance of getting pregnant.

Impaired Sperm Production

Fertilizing an egg can become difficult for the sperm if it has low mobility, below-average concentration, or abnormalities in sperm size or shape. If such problems exist, then the partner may need to consult a specialist to find any underlying concern.

Unexplained Infertility

When no specific cause for infertility comes up in the reports, but the couple is still not successful at conception, then IVF is a suitable option.

Genetic Disorder

If either of the partners suffers from an illness which more often gets transferred to the child, then IVF in India is a safe way to prevent it from affecting the child.

Successful rate of IVF treatment at Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital

At Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital, with our world-class infrastructure, highly reputed doctors, and state of the art equipment, we provide the best IVF procedure in India. The IVF success rate of IVF in our hospital is around 60 to 80% due to our unique treatment protocol. However, the success rate may vary on a case to case basis.

What does Segmented IVF Cycle Treatment process involve?


In segmented IVF, an adequate dose of fertility drugs is taken into consideration, so that it does not affect the patient’s natural cycle. Although, in our segmented IVF treatment, we try to involves least drugs.

The eggs

Our experts try to collect as much good quality eggs as possible in each cycle.

Embryo freezing

Embryos that are in right conditions are frozen for later use, which means one can use these just in case the first cycle fails to give the desired result.


In many cases, the very first treatment gives a positive result. However, if it doesn’t, then we make our patient ready for another attempt on the next cycle, not like in conventional IVF.

Benefits Of Segmented IVF Cycle Treatment

The Segmented IVF Cycle treatment at Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital offers many advantages over the conventional IVF treatment process.

  • With our Segmented IVF cycle treatment, we ensure better health of the mother, embryo, and the baby.
  • With mild IVF process used in Segmented IVF cycle treatment, there is a reduced risk of development of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS), a potentially fatal side effect of the conventional IVF. It is because the treatment does not involve stimulation of ovaries using stimulating drugs and medications.
  • The segmentation process provides a higher success rate as the frozen embryos provide somewhat verification that the embryo has a higher chance of survival.
  • Segmented IVF cycle treatment involves minimal stimulating drugs, which can be harmful if used in excess.
  • There is no use of Human Gonadotrophin Hormone (hCG)
  • With shorter protocols used, the treatment is less stressful
  • The segmentation of IVF reduces the emotional, psychological, and physical toll on the woman who has infertility.
  • With segmented IVF, there is a higher average birth weight of the born child than of the child born through the conventional IVF process, resulting in a healthier child.

Cost of the IVF Procedure in India

Segmented IVF treatments in India cost a lot more than the more straightforward techniques and fertility drugs. Unless one decides to use donor eggs or sperm from ART bank, the cost for a conventional IVF procedure and a Segmented IVF Treatment is the same per cycle. The IVF rates in India vary based on the number of cycles. Usually, the IVF rates in India range between 1 to 1.25 lakh per cycle.

However, at the Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital, our doctors want every patient to be able to make the right decisions about the treatment and with complete assurance or confidence. Although the price is always the most prominent factors and thus keeping this factor in consideration, our team offers many affordable treatment programs.