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Irregular Periods

Irregularity in periods is one of the problems faced by many women. Irregular periods is the foremost causes of infertility. Regular periods indicate that the woman’s body is absolutely fine and also that her hormones are in equilibrium.

When can you say that you have irregular periods?

A cycle is the duration between the first day of this period and the last day of the previous period. A normal cycle can vary from 28 to 35 days. Women can have different cycle days. Some women have a longer cycle while some have a smaller cycle, but each cycle for a woman is more or less of the same days. The problem arises when there is irregularity in the cycles that is, the number of days between your menstruals varies a lot.

What are the reasons for irregular periods?

Irregular periods can be due to different reasons:

What are the effects of irregular periods?

Irregular periods disturb the whole cycle of the body. It disturbs the ovulation cycle, hormonal imbalance, leads to either excess bleeding or very less bleeding during periods, acne, dark circles, growth of body hairs, and other minor and major health issues.
Irregular periods are one of the major indicators of abnormalities in the female reproductive system. They can cause infertility or lead to miscarriages. Women facing problems with their menstrual cycles should see a doctor from the best fertility clinic in India for IVF treatment.

What are the treatments for irregular periods?

Whenever women face irregular periods, they should consult a doctor. Identifying the cause of for the irregularity will help in treating it. The treatments for irregular periods are:

  • If the irregular periods are caused because of PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid or any other disease, the doctor will put the woman through medication and try to restore the natural cycle period.
  • Endometriosis: A condition where the endometrium layer grows outside the uterus.
  • If the periods are due to allergies or deficiencies, corrective lifestyle measures like can be adopted.
  • To relive women of stress, stress management sessions, meditation, yoga are good options.
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