The most amazing news a couple hears is the news about their pregnancy. Pregnancy is the start of a new life together. The couples are nervous and holding each other’s hands at every level to get through the issue is the best way to overcome it. Pregnancy through IVF is most precious. So, the couple should also follow doctor advise from Test tube baby clinic too along with maternity home. It is essential that the couple is well aware of all the phases of pregnancy well. Here are the three stages of pregnancy explained.

There are 3 stages of pregnancy; the 1st Trimester, 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester. Let’s start with the 1st trimester.

1st Trimester is the initial phase of the pregnancy. It is a period of 12 weeks which starts on the last day of your period until the 12th of a week of pregnancy. In this stage, the major development of fetus happens and the changes in the mother emotions can be observed. During the first trimester, women may undergo certain changes mentally and physically.

During these 3 months, the fertilized egg travels to the womb where it grows. The layers of cells become an embryo. Usually during this period baby’s heartbeat can be heard. At the end of 12 weeks, baby organs are formed and further growth starts.

Following are the symptoms:

1) Missed periods
2) Nausea/Vomiting
3) Sensitive smell sensation
4) Fatigue
5) Dizziness
6) Mood swings
7) Heartburn & Constipation

The first three months are very crucial to a baby’s growth. To have a healthy baby, you will be advised to change your lifestyle, eating habits, quit smoking and drinking, go on a regular exercise. You should take proper rest, drink lots of water and visit maternity clinic in India for screening tests and prenatal tests for healthy pregnancy.