Are you confused? Whether you are pregnant or not? To clear this confusion it’s always better to take pregnancy tests, but before that, you should also analyze your signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

It is not always that woman gets symptoms of pregnancy. But a woman who may see these symptoms of pregnancy. The most common symptom of pregnancy is missed periods. Except for this symptom, there are other possible symptoms and signs of pregnancy.

Below are the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy:

  • An Absence of Menstrual – The common symptom of pregnancy is missed periods. Most of the women consider this sign as the most approving sign of pregnancy.
  • Feeling Nausea – Not every pregnant woman feels nausea. The nausea feeling can be seen at any time in a day, but mostly in the morning is felt. Nausea can be felt entire pregnancy period or early 2-3 months.
  • Breast Changes – Hormones changes once you conceive. This also changes the breast size, it swollen and becomes heavier and fuller during pregnancy.
  • Food Cravings – The food cravings can be observed in every woman during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you become smell sensitive this affects food aversions. A pregnant woman doesn’t eat a specific food or feel nausea.
  • Mood Swings – Hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone becomes high during pregnancy, this affects the mood. Most of the woman feels anxiety, depressed and irritable
  • Dizziness – There is fluctuation in high and low blood pressure, this may result in dizziness. So, have a healthy diet rich in protein and iron.
  • Constipation – Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, it also affects the digestion process and most of the women suffer from constipation in the early pregnancy stage.

These are the common early pregnancy signs and symptoms, this may happen, you can see one or two of these symptoms. These symptoms will help to confirm your pregnancy, but it’s always better to visit a maternity clinic in India to confirm your pregnancy and do all pregnancy tests. It is also advisable to visit your IVF treatment centre if conceived through an IVF by Test Tube Baby clinic.