For a couple who’s expecting their child, the feeling is great. The feeling of becoming parents can only be experienced and not expressed. As amazing as is the feeling of becoming parents, the feeling of losing a child is the worst experience anyone can ever experience.
After a couple of months of pregnancy, going through a miscarriage is very traumatic and can swoop away the floor off your feet.

Miscarriage can happen in early pregnancy like after a few weeks or after a couple of months into a pregnancy. It is very important for the intending parents to know the facts and reasons about miscarriage and be cautious. Even if you have consulted the Top IVF Doctors in India, here are some common questions regarding miscarriage that should be known and addressed to all couples.

Q- What are the signs of a miscarriage happening?
A- The basic symptom of having a miscarriage is severe pain and bleeding. Some miscarriages would happen and the woman would be completely unaware of it and the miscarriage could be detected in a routine ultrasound incidentally.

Q- What are the primary reasons for miscarriage?
A- To know the reason for your miscarriage, you may consult the doctors at IVF centers in India or a gynecologist. The reasons for miscarriage can be many. There can be issues such as endocrine disorder, submucosal fibroids, blood clotting disorder, genetically abnormal embryo, or other unidentifiable reasons.

Q- What exactly happens in a miscarriage?
A- Miscarriage is when the conceived embryo is not supported by the uterus thus even after conception and a few weeks or even months of pregnancy, the child development stops and the fetus is no more in the mother’s womb.

Q- Does a miscarriage mean the couple can never get pregnant again?
A- Well, this is the biggest misconception. Going through a miscarriage once doesn’t mean the couple has lost all the hope of getting pregnant again. Although it might be a little riskier and the couple needs to take a little more care and be under the doctor’s observation in critical times. But it definitely doesn’t mean that the couple can never have a healthy baby.

Q- What impact does the man’s and the woman’s age have on the chances of a miscarriage?
A- It is a general observation that the women over 35 years of age have a difficulty in conceiving in the first place. For a woman’s body, increasing age also increases the risk of miscarrying a baby. This is because, the eggs in a woman are finite in number and with increasing age, the quality of the eggs reduces. It is also important for women’s body to be able to supplement the embryo and nurture it. This ability also starts decreasing with increasing age. Women over 40 years of age are said to have a 50% chance of going through a miscarriage.
On the other hand, the man’s age may have an effect on fertility but has less effect on the miscarriage. However, the chances of miscarriage in a woman with a partner aged over 45 are higher than in a woman with a partner under 30 years of age.

Q- My mother and sister both suffered the miscarriage, will it affect my pregnancy too?
A- If you are a woman, unless the miscarriage is caused due to a genetic disorder in all the cases, it will not affect your pregnancy.
For men, however, a genetic issue of low sperm count and low sperm motility can affect the sterility but will not lead to miscarriage.

Q- What is the ideal time to conceive again after a miscarriage?
A- After a miscarriage, before taking another chance of pregnancy, waiting for at least 3 menstrual cycles to pass is ideal.
However, the couple should wait until both the partners are physically and emotionally ready as miscarriage can be traumatizing and emotional endurance is important before you try to conceive again.

Q- How will your body be affected after a miscarriage?
A- Pregnancy is a big turning point in a woman’s life. Not only a new member is added to the family but a woman’s body is also not the same. There are a lot of hormonal changes and other bodily changes in her life. Many a time a miscarriage happens due to the body reacts abnormally to the pregnancy. This means that there is hormonal imbalance, an imbalance in the menstrual cycle, the uterine lining is affected. After a miscarriage, your body will take a few months to return back and gain body balance.

Suffering a miscarriage doesn’t mean you are incapable of having a child, it just means your body wasn’t prepared for pregnancy yet and your body didn’t respond too well to conception. You and your partner need to be fit and you take all the dietician and a physician to make sure you are healthy to avoid miscarriage.