Pregnancy period is a crucial period for any women. So, it’s important to have a special diet or intake before and during pregnancy period. In this blog, we are going to discuss the benefits of folic acid.

Folic acid avoids the birth defects and helps in the development of the brain and spinal cord of the baby.

What is Folic acid?

Folic acid is the form of B vitamin, it is essential for the body to produce new blood cells, body cells. It’s necessary to increase your folic acid intake before pregnancy and during pregnancy.

It’s important to take folic acid folate in the early pregnancy. As you know early pregnancy development of spinal cord and brain starts. It’s necessary to take the folate intake as per prescription is given by your fertility expert.

Deficiency of Folic Acid during Pregnancy

Deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy can cause premature birth, low weight baby. There are also high chances of miscarriage. Miscarriage is a huge loss for any pregnant women. You need to take some proper precautions and proper tests before and during pregnancy.

Try to avoid excessive intake of artificial vitamins during pregnancy. Natural resource to increase folic acid is green leafy vegetables, beans, cereals, broccoli etc.