IVF with Egg Donor in India

In recent times IVF with donor eggs has got immense popularity and gained excellent success rates in India, and we welcome all couples or women for deciding that egg donation is right. However, one should consider going for IVF with egg donor in India from India’s best IVF centre like Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital, which is known for providing the highest success rate of the IVF process. Moreover, rest can be assured that the team of specialists at Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital will be there at every step of the way to offer the right assistance and service.

At Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital, we aim to facilitate easy access to high-quality donor eggs. Through a combination of our different programs, we try to gain easy access to egg donors with all characteristics

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What is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a process in which the eggs (ova or oocytes) are retrieved from another woman to form an embryo for assisted reproduction. It helps the recipient of the donor eggs in having a child with her partner or donated sperm. At our centre, we retrieve the eggs only from a woman with normally functioning ovaries.

Donor Eggs

Donors are young women from whom the eggs are borrowed (less than 33 yrs of age), with her consent. Fertilization of these eggs are done with the sperms of the husband of the recipient woman and the resultant embryo (the earliest form of the baby), is inserted into the womb of the recipient. Nowadays, women are focusing a lot on their career due to which they get married late. Usually, women can conceive at that time, but there is a 10-15% woman who has difficulty conceiving and resort to new techniques such as IVF.

Visit Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital to find an Egg Donor

At Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital, we can help individual find egg donors in India. However, the most common sources of egg donors can be:

  • Someone in the patient’s friends or family who is ready to donate eggs
  • Another infertile couple who can share their already retrieved eggs
  • An egg bank

We can provide with some options of Indian egg donors who are willing to donate their eggs.

Why Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital?

So, if one is looking out for IVF with donor eggs to start the family, we have donors available. By using donor eggs to have a baby is one of the most exceptional experience, but at the same time, it is highly personal and an emotional decision.

At Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital, the best highlight is that we have a dedicated team to facilitate our patient with much needed extra support in every step of the way.


We always believe that every patient deciding to opt treatment using donor eggs, counseling is the most essential and first step to ensure the complications if any in addition to the knowledge of the legal formalities on the identity of egg donors. Our counselors will make the patient understand what using donor eggs means. So one can start a journey confidently with the right decision and fully informed.

Choosing Egg Donor

We equally understand that choosing an egg donor is one of the most significant decisions. Having said so, our team of experts will provide the most appropriate choice of egg donors that could well match the preferences. We first get to know our donors well, and share the all critical insight and detailed donor profiles if required or asked by the patient.

Ready for Treatment

We then synchronize our patient cycle with the donor in case of using fresh donor eggs, to ensure the eggs can get collected at precisely the right time. In case of using frozen donor eggs, then these will be thawed and fertilized while we prepare the patient for the treatment.

Embryo Transfer

Finally, fertilization of the donor eggs is done with donor sperm. We transfer the best resulting embryo into our patient’s uterus, and thus, one can take a pregnancy test after a few weeks.

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The Success Rate of IVF with Egg Donor in India

According to research, an average success rate of IVF with egg donation is around 60-80% for fresh eggs, and donor egg IVF success rates in India is around 40-60% for the frozen eggs. The success rate of IVF varies from case to case.

The success rate of IVF involving high-quality egg donation from a young woman is higher than that of the standard IVF process.

With its unique treatment protocols, Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital offers one of the best IVF services and has the highest success rate of over 70%.

Paying for the treatment

IVF with egg donation is comparatively costlier than the standard IVF process. The egg donor cost in India varies on the source of the egg donor and the IVF clinic.
At Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital, we provide egg donation services along with the IVF process at a very affordable price. We can also provide high-quality egg donors in India, who are willing to donate eggs for money in India.

Believe us; we are not the most expensive choice. Our rates are genuine as we provide the best treatment options to get the best results. At Wellspring IVF & Women’s hospital, we have got a different comprehensive package, which includes proper medication and Embryoscope, which increases the scope of treatment success. We maintain complete transparency in the pricing without any hidden extras in the treatment procedure, and our packages will always give peace of mind.

One can verify the egg donor profiles India to ensure that one can get the best quality egg for the IVF process.

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