People are very sensitive when it comes to their children. Compromising anything for their children, or looking after them and full filing all their demands and needs never feels burdensome to them. It is impossible for anyone to have such a level of endurance and compassion with anyone else accept towards one’s own kids. Maybe one understands this only after having their own child.

Having a child is the most fulfilling feeling ever. But there are some couples who are away from this pleasurable experience due to infertility. There are couples who are trying to conceive through the natural process but are unable to be parents because of some complications in getting pregnant naturally.

In ancient times there was no cure to infertility so the infertile couples either had to live childless life or adopt a child. There was no way they could have a child carrying their genes. Since then there have been many advances in the medical field. One such medical treatment is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

IVF is a treatment in which the couple conceives artificially. The eggs from the women and the sperms from the man are extracted and an embryo is formed in a laboratory under observation. The embryo is thus formed in place in the uterus of the women. The baby is then conceived and the rest of the pregnancy period is natural.

While couples go for the IVF process, there are many factors that need to be considered:

How much does a Test tube baby cost?

The process of IVF may seem to be an easy process to listen. But for everything to be right and the baby to be healthy, there are many precautions to be taken, many complex types of machinery are to be used, and a highly skilled staff is to be employed to examine and assure that the mother and the child are healthy. This takes the test tube baby cost quite high.

Why is India best for infertility treatment:

To control the cost but not cut down the quality of service in the IVF treatment, it is important to know the right options to go for IVF technique. To get the best fertility clinic in India with the highest IVF success rates is the most sought-after destinations in the world for the IVF technique.

India is becoming the hub of reproductive tourism. Couples from around the world travel to India to get treatment of infertility because of the advanced methods and machines used in the clinics in India. The staff in India is extremely skilled and the facilities available here are world class and the treatment cost is much lesser than other countries.

If the couple needs to go for surrogacy, India is again the best option because Surrogacy in India is legal. In many countries surrogacy is looked down upon and is illegal. While in India, Surrogacy is legalized and there are many agencies who help document the surrogacy contracts and facilitate surrogacy.

The weather of the country is also a friend. The climatic conditions in India are not too hot or too cold. India has a moderate climatic condition. It helps the couple, especially the mother to adjust to the temperatures and conceive the treatment well. Temperature conditions are one of the ruling factors for the success of IVF.

Language is not a barrier: India is a vast country and all kinds of languages are spoken here. English, the international language is very common in India so it becomes very easy for any foreigner to communicate in India. The same is not true in many other countries.

When you plan to visit India for your IVF treatment, you need to find the best fertility clinic India has and make an appointment there well in advance. Depending upon which Best Test Tube Baby Centre in India you choose, Test Tube Baby Success Rate greatly affect as all Top Test Tube Baby Centers in India generally have their unique treatment protocol along with the experience of Test Tube Baby Doctor.

What is the best time to go for the IVF technique?

IVF process although is a process of conceiving artificially, the embryo is implanted in the woman’s uterus. There are some medications given depending on the complexity. The complexity varies from case to case. The medications often feel heavy on the body. To avoid the side effects of the medication treatment, IVF is best done in the spring season. There have also been researches which have revealed that the season of spring has shown the highest success ratio.

The best time to go for IVF is until the age of 30. Until the age of 30, the body is the most responsive towards any infertility treatment. Also, the strength to conceive and carry on the pregnancy is highest till the thirties. Hence couples are advised to go for IVF before their thirties. The success rate is higher when couples opt for IVF before their thirties.

There are many other factors determining the IVF success rate. The couples going for IVF need to analyze well the factors before getting the treatment done.