What to Avoid After IUI Procedure?

At some point or another, every couple plan to have children in life. However, for some couples, conceiving can be a dream. After trying for quite some time, if a couple can’t conceive naturally, it can cause an emotional struggle for the couple.

With the advancements in medical sciences, such couples still have hope of getting a biological child by using various methods of conception. Intrauterine Insemination is one of such techniques that has provided couple facing infertile issues with a new hope.

What is IUI and how it works?

IUI or Intrauterine Insemination is nothing but a kind of fertility treatment in which sperms are directly implanted into the uterus of the woman. Insertion of sperms beyond the cervix is made into the uterus to reduce the distance that sperms have to travel to reach the eggs for ovulation. The faster the sperms reach the egg in the uterus; higher is the chances of fertilization and conception. The main aim of the process is to increase the number of sperms entering the fallopian tubes and thus help in increasing the chances of fertilization.

In the start of the IUI procedure, monitoring of the eggs of the female partner is done carefully. If required, the IUI specialist can administer ovulation stimulation medicines to enhance the reproduction process. When the ovulation is close, the IUI process is performed. The semen from the male is first of all separated from the seminal fluid, then the insertion of sperm takes place into the uterus of the female partner with the help of a cathete.

Who should opt for IUI?

The Intrauterine Insemination is recommended for the couples who have at least one of the following conditions:

  • Women with abnormalities in the cervical muscles or fallopian tubes
  • Women with problems in ovulation
  • Couples trying to conceive from a period of more than one year
  • Homosexual female couples
  • Men who have erectile dysfunction or ejaculation dysfunction

IUI procedure may work for some and may not work for others as the process depends on biological conditions of the individuals. So, the best solution is to reach out to the Best IUI Centre in India. At best centres, one can get an idea about the chances for the same.

What to Avoid After IUI Procedure?

The Best IUI Centre widely suggests the IUI treatment in India to the infertile couples for the treatment of infertility problems. The procedure is advised to the infertile couples to help them conceive successfully.

Intrauterine Insemination or IUI procedure can be considered the start of the fertility treatment process. Creating a healthy environment for conceiving is a significant step that can affect the Success Rate of IUI Treatment. Hence, if you are planning to undergo IUI procedure, you need to know things to avoid after IUI to increase the chances of conceiving:

Avoid consuming pain killers

If you are wondering what you should avoid, the idea that tops the list is the consumption of pain killer medications. After the process of IUI, cramps and pains are very common. Avoid the use of painkillers as these may reduce the chances of IUI treatment.

Do not lift heavy objects

Avoid lifting heavy objects in any case as lifting heavy objects can lead to cramps and in some cases, this can damage the uterus lining and reduce the Success Rate of IUI Treatment.

Avoid Stress

After undergoing IUI treatment, it is crucial to remain positive. Make sure that you avoid stress in any case. Stress can cause severe imbalance to the hormones and hence impact the chances of getting pregnant. Keep yourself optimistic calm, and stay positive. You can read some good books and do stress-relieving activities.

Do not smoke and Drink

Fertility is highly affected by smoking and drinking. After you have undergone IUI process, you need to avoid smoking and drinking after IUI.

Avoid Heavy Exercises

Exercise can increase the chances of IUI success, but you need to avoid doing heavy exercise. For the initial few days right after the IUI procedure, you need to prevent the exercise of any type. However, after a few days of undergoing the process, you can start doing light exercise. Thus it will help in improving the flow of blood in your body. During this period, light stretching and yoga can benefit you.

Do not skip prescribed Medicines

To improve the Success Rate of IUI Treatment, you need to regularly take the medicines prescribed by Best IUI Centre in India. Do not skip even a single dose as it can help improve the chances of fertilization. Along with this, you should regularly visit your doctor as directed.

Avoid Swimming

Swimming should be avoided for at least 48 hours after undergoing IUI treatment. Swimming might not have any direct relationship with the success of IUI treatment. Still, pool water should be avoided under all circumstances as there are high chances of getting an infection.
The success rate of IUI highly depends on the actions you take and the activities you perform after the IUI procedure. Hence, you must take preventive measures and avoid the things mentioned above to enhance your chances of conceiving.