Perhaps you have been pondering over what are the treatments for infertility couples for quite some time now. As such, if you happen to be seeking best test tube baby treatment in India, you might be looking for a surrogacy hospital.

What are the Reasons For Infertility?
After having regular, unprotected sex, if a couple is still not able to conceive, it gives rise to infertility. The reasons for this could be:
• The woman is not able to carry out the pregnancy for the full term.
• One of the partners is unable to contribute towards the conception.

Infertility is the inability to give birth. It is when a couple is not able to conceive, even after having sexual intercourse, without using any kind of birth control measures. The reasons for growing infertility problems could be the changing lifestyle or the consumption of addictive(smoking or alcoholism)

What Do You Do In The Case Of Infertility?
In the case of infertility, if a couple discovers that after having sexual intercourse for over a year, they are still not able to conceive, the couple will go to a doctor. It is ideal that the couple should see the doctor together.

The doctor will discuss the case with the couple, carry out preliminary assessments and advise the couple about what needs to be done. Of course, various trials and tests are available, and the doctor will decide which is best for the couple.

Primary and Secondary Infertility
As you might be seeking a surrogacy hospital or test tube baby treatment in India, it would be a good idea for you to know that there are two types of infertility.
Primary Infertility: Here, a couple is not able to conceive, after trying for a minimum of one year, without using any birth control.
Secondary Infertility: Previously the couple had conceived, but now they are unable to do so anymore.

What Are The Treatments For Infertility Couples?
The treatment for infertility couples would be based on many factors, and these would include:
Personal preferences.
1. The general health of the couple.
2. The ages of the couple involved.
3. The duration of infertility.

Types of Treatments For Infertility Couples
In case you are hunting for Best IVF Treatment in India and seeking a surrogacy treatment at Best Surrogacy Center in India, you would be happy to know that there are various treatments for infertility couples and some of these include:

1. Having Sexual Intercourse More Often: Around the time of ovulation, a couple would be advised to have sex more often. Research studies have indicated that the one the day of ovulation and the two days before ovulation, are the most likely days to offer a fertile window.

2. Premature Ejaculation or Erectile Dysfunction treatment: If the man is suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, in order to improve this, behavioral approaches or medication or both, might help in fertility.

3. Fertility Drugs For Women: There are various kinds of fertility drugs that are available for women. These can be prescribed in order to induce or regulate ovulation.

4. Surgical Sperm Aspiration: From a part of the male reproductive tract like epididymis, vas deferens or testicle, the sperm is removed (TESE/PESA/TESA). This is one of the methods used in assisted conception.

5. Surgical Procedures For Women: In case the fallopian tubes are scarred or blocked, surgical repair might be necessary. This will enable the eggs to pass through much more easily.

6. Egg Or Sperm Donation: Eggs or sperm can be obtained from a donor. Fertility treatment which makes use of donor eggs is almost always done by the method of IVF (In-vitro fertilization).

7. In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF): By this method, in a petri dish where fertilization can be allowed to happen, unfertilized eggs and sperm are placed. To start a pregnancy, in the uterus, the embryo is placed. At times, for future use, the fetus is frozen. In the In vitro fertilization technique, the intended parent can or cannot be the biological parents of the child. It differs from one case to another.

8. Vibratory Stimulation Or Electric Stimulation In Men: The whole purpose of this exercise is to help the man to ejaculate, as he is unable to ejaculate normally. For instance, if the man is suffering from an injury to his spinal cord, he would thus not be able to ejaculate in a healthy way. Because of this, vibratory stimulation or electrical stimulation is done, and this would help the man to ejaculate.

9. Retrograde Ejaculation In Men: In this method, it is possible to take the sperm directly from the bladder, and then in a laboratory, this sperm would be injected into an egg.

If you happen to be in search of a surrogacy hospital as you are seeking test tube baby treatment in India, you now are fully aware of what are the treatments for infertility couples.