Starting a family is always a priority and a dream for most couples. But while some of them are lucky enough to be able to conceive naturally and have healthy children, many don’t have it so easy. Many people these days face problems while trying to conceive naturally, and thus turn to assisted reproductive technologies as an alternate solution.

While there are a host of techniques available like assisted hatching, ICSI, artificial insemination, as well as fertility medications and hormone treatments, many couples opt for IVF treatments. India is the most visited place for an infertile couple all over the world seeking IVF treatment. The reasons behind that are the Maximum success rate of IVF in India and the lower IVF treatment cost in India.

In-Vitro fertilization technique artificially combines the ovarian eggs with the sperm in a laboratory to create embryos which undergo the culturing process and are then injected into the woman’s uterus. Simple though it may sound, this process is quite complex. It takes a lot of precision, time, and money to go through one cycle, and even then you may not conceive on the first try. As such, undergoing IVF cycles becomes a painful process for couples both emotionally and financially.

There are a number of reputable clinics and IVF centers in India where you can go to seek personalized help and assistance. Fertility experts initially perform a complete check-up and run a couple of tests to diagnose and isolate the issue. Based on these results, they may start you up on certain fertility and hormone medication and prep you for the whole process.

Unfortunately though, many times, in spite of doing everything right, couples find that they’ve undergone 2-3 IVF cycles with no luck. By this point, they are under severe emotional and mental distress, and the entire rigmarole of the process has taken a massive toll on them. If you find yourself in such a place, then it may be time to go in for a second opinion.

Experts say that when an IVF cycle fails repeatedly, it’s time to look at the case with fresh eyes and treat it as an individual unique case. IVF cycles primarily fail due to two broad reasons; firstly, problems in the embryo and secondly, problems in the implantation technique. With older women in their late 30s or early 40s who have crossed the peak fertile age, the rate of production of eggs declines considerably, and as such it is difficult to harvest the eggs to form the embryo. Furthermore, there may even be other hormonal issues such as PCOS or thyroid or other immune disorders which greatly reduce the chances of healthy eggs or ovaries that can sustain the pregnancy. Any or all of these could fail to conceive. Secondly, faulty or ineffective implantation techniques may also result in a failed cycle. It may also be the case that the woman is suffering from IID, (Immunologic Implantation Dysfunction) in which case the chances of a successful period are greatly reduced.

Thus, as seen above, different causes can result in a failed cycle, and so it becomes exceedingly important to seek a second opinion if your doctor is unable to diagnose the cause of failure. In such a case, you need a fertility expert who will study your case individually and try to isolate the cause of failure and treat you accordingly so that you don’t have to go through any more unsuccessful attempts.

Nowadays, due to advances in technology and a lot of available options, many Best IVF centers in India are capable of providing you with excellent services at affordable costs. IVF treatment costs in India have reduced with doctors and clinics trying hard to help patients in need. They understand that going through IVF treatments is an extremely wearying process and they strive hard to ease you through it as best as they can. In fact, many times, it’ll be your doctor who’ll discuss your case with his esteemed colleagues and refer you to another specialist who’ll be able to help you better.

It also makes sense to move to a different clinic if you’re not satisfied with the treatment you receive, or if you are interested in trying out specific techniques or procedures that your current clinic isn’t equipped to handle. If at any point you feel that your Ob-Gyn or fertility specialist is unable to provide you with clear causes for the failure of consequent cycles, it’s time to go see another doctor.

IVF treatment in India is hard and incredibly demanding, and they take a lot out of you. There are so many cases of couples who’ve gone the process for years without any favourable result. This can be incredibly draining physically, mentally, as well as emotionally. Having a baby is supposed to be a beautiful process, not a trying one. So if you’ve not had success after repeated trials, it’s time to change your specialist and seek a second opinion. Remember, this one change could make all the difference!