IVF stands for in-vitro-fertility. This procedure is nowadays used by many couples to add a new young member in their life. When going for artificial ways rather than natural ways, then there are many things which are to be taken care of, and one among them is our eating habit. Many people around the world suffer due to the unhealthy eating habit of their life.

We can find the best IVF center in India, but before consulting or after consultation, all that matters for a successful IVF is your diet. Diet is not just about our daily food, but it is what an individual intake and how much in quantity one must consume it in a daily schedule.

What to consume for a successful IVF?

1. Vitamins and other essential supplements

There are many supplements and vitamins available that dietician would recommend for a successful pregnancy report. Some among them are:

  1. Folic Acid
  2. Omega 3 (fish oil)
  3. Amino Acid
  4. Minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, Iron etc.

2. Green leafy vegetable and other necessary vegetables

A healthy diet starts with a change in our eating habit. Usually, we love to eat spicy and tasty food rather than green and healthy food, which makes our body decay with time and creates many other internal issues. To purify the inner body, one needs to start consuming healthy green leafy vegetable as well as other essential vitamins and minerals filled vegetables. Vegetables are a great source of many natural supplements and help to make our body feel healthier and lighter with time. Such natural elements can help to conceive faster as well as increases the chances of a better result.

3. Whole Grains

Grains are a great source of fibers, and fibers are essential for the human body. Fibers help to keep our body healthy and clean from inside. Best IVF center of India would always recommend you to add whole grains in food for the best positive result. Whole grains or dietary fibers helps to reduce blood cholesterol level as well reduces chances of having any other internal body issues. This is different from consuming fruits and vegetables because it has its health benefit, and for a successful IVF, one needs to start consuming it.

4. Legumes

This plant provides us healthy seeds to consume without any harmful effect on our body. There are many health benefits of consuming legumes, such as :

  •   They are very low in cholesterol.
  •   Rich in protein and fibers
  • Good for digestion
  •   Keeps internal body healthy and clean
  •   Make body ready for various natural processes.

Some six healthy legumes seed are:

  • Peas
  • Soya Beans
  • Pinto Beans
  • Navy Beans
  • Lentils
  • Chickpeas
  • Black Beans

5. Low-fat dairy products

Many times, people commit a mistake and consume more dairy products, but unfortunately, in this case, it gets vital to keep a check on what all fat products an individual is consuming. Dairy products can slow down the conceiving process and can stand as a hurdle for a successful IVF. If one doesn’t put control then no matter whomever IVF specialist an individual consult, it might get difficult to resolve. Thus on the first go, stop consuming high dairy products. Dairy products should be the last priority to get a successful IVF result. Dairy products make the body slow in the process of conceiving and other recovery matters as well.

6. Eating healthy fat

One might be confused about this, but; yes, there are two types of fat food items. One which is terrible for our health and the other one is good to consume. Good fat is what any dietician will recommend adding in our diet. Some of the best healthy fat that one can add to our diet are:

  • Dark Pure Chocolate
  • Fatty Fish
  • Cheese
  • Chia Seeds
  • Extra Virgin Oil
  • Whole Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Pure Coconut and coconut oil
  • Fat-free Yogurt

7. Gluten Free Product

Gluten can be very harmful to the body as it can be a source of many health issues. Most of the women who are facing conceiving problem are reported to have consumed gluten to a great extent. We many times ignore such small things but consuming gluten-free product helps to remove toxins from our body, make it cholesterol and fat-free, manage blood sugar level in the body and move our body towards a healthy self.

When we are talking about the diet that one should consume for a successful IVF then there are some points which needs to be taken care for a better result, such as:

Avoid processed food

Many of us love to eat processed food as it satisfies our taste buds and also fills our tummy, but unfortunately, this is something which can make us fall very sick. Thus processed food should be avoided as it has more gluten, artificial flavors, chemicals etc.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, drugs, drinks etc.

These products which make stress free at times can play a very negative role to the body. Usually, many reports had shown that such products can make the body not only ill but can result in too many organ failures. Thus one needs to start not to consume any such agents, which can contribute to other health issues. When we talk of pregnancy, such products can not only slow the process of getting pregnant but also can make one infertile for life.

Thus, to get a successful IVF result, one must follow the above diets tips but only with the consultation of a dietician. One must remember that the human body gets used to some changes and can react to some changes, thus consulting a dietician before making a change in diet is very necessary