IVF Conceived Children Vs Spontaneously Conceived

IVF Conceived Children vs. Spontaneously Conceived Children, hey, this is not the right topic of comparison, but here we give such title to remove worries of those couples who are going to select IVF option but hold some doubts regarding the health and growth of ART child.

Worldwide Concern Regarding IVF Babies:
How healthy are IVF children? Are they less healthy than naturally conceived children? Will IVF baby face health problem later on? And many other questions are still rising since the first test tube baby born. These kinds of questions are obvious if we put our self in the place of the infertile couple who are planning for IVF baby with new hope. Many mothers ask such questions when they consult any IVF specialist. In reputed universities of UK, USA, and Australia, many types of research had been done to check out the differences between IVF conceived children and spontaneously conceived children.

This article is to give reassurance to those infertile couples who are going to choose suitable assisted reproductive treatment to get pregnant. As a Top 5 IVF Centre of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India with best IVF treatment in India we understand the value of such questions and comparisons as every parent do care for their kids’ health and growth. Educational results, measures of growth, cardiovascular health, and neurodevelopment are the topics where we can compare and find out the mild differences.
In some cases, IVF babies are smarter than natural babies, while in some cases they are almost equal. If IVF baby born premature, he or she will take some time to get healthy, the same thing happens in case of the naturally conceived premature baby. In mostly researches, we can find children conceived by IVF grew into healthy, normal adults when compared to children conceived impulsively.

Getting sick or stuck in allergies are most common in both types of children, so don’t worry. If your IVF baby gets sick more often, only then you need to ask your doctor for the reason, otherwise no need to worry, he or she will be alright. Many IVF parents share their experiences through comments on different IVF posts and articles, and the conclusion is that they have super healthy IVF boy or baby and even intelligent in the study too. In cases of twin or triplet, there are a little bit chances of the defect in one baby, while the second remains healthy.

Some couples have two babies, one from naturally conceived and other from ART, even they say no major differences between both, both remain super healthy. Some people give a mix response to confuse others, don’t focus on them. There are many IVF centers in India with the Highest success rate of IVF and millions of Test Tube Baby and ART babies are living their healthy life in different countries, what is a better example than it. Ask your IVF consultant for more doubts or for more information.