Ask anyone troubles with infertility how troubled they are due to infertility. How taking rounds to even the best infertility clinics and surrogacy hospitals has made them miserable. Infertility affects the couple’s life and their relations as well.

Although there are various sophisticated techniques like IVF and all the equipment and the technologies are present and well facilitated by the doctors at the best IVF clinics, infertility is still a very vulnerable phase. When it comes to fertility, many people lose hope and assume that barrenness is their fate and they were born that way, however, it is not true. Infertility is the result of the lifestyle people have been accustomed to all their life until the childbearing age. The sleeping pattern, the eating pattern, the dietary control, body exercise, stress in life and how you handle it has a lot to do with fertility.

The best doctors in the world are in support of lifestyle improvements to cure and heal many diseases including fertility. The medicines and procedures alone can be way more effective when desirable lifestyle chances are made by the patient. If you are being treated for infertility or do not want to be troubled by infertility at all, here are some lifestyle questions you need to ask yourself:

Are you addicted?
Addiction is the major cause of infertility in both, men as well as women. Smoking and alcoholism affect the human body in many ways and infertility is one of them. If you are planning to become parents quitting smoking and drinking is the first lifestyle change that you should make.

Are you overweight?
Weight denotes the balance in the body. Being overweight as well as underweight, both are not normal. Excess weight is a problem faced by many today due to junk food intake and lack of physical exercise. Try to balance your weight by exercising and by maintaining a good and balanced diet.

Are you stressed?
Stress is one of the primary reasons for many disorders. Stress causes hormonal imbalance which affects the reproductive system in both, men as well as women. It is important that all the thoughts are aligned and positive to make sure that it doesn’t affect the body in any way. It is important to manage stress and get into meditation to free your mind of negative thoughts especially when it concerns infertility.

Are you eating right?
Be it, children or adults, junk food is a big no for people of all ages. Junk food contains preservatives, do not contain any nutrients and is extremely harmful in pregnancy. Many problems that lead to infertility arise due to improper diet. It goes without saying that a proper diet is the key to a healthy life and also plays an important role in the fertility of a person.

If you are being treated for infertility or are planning for a baby and want to avoid any complication, here are some dietary controls that you must keep:

– Eat only fresh food and avoid packed food.
– If you are taking salads, do not take the pre-cooked salad dishes and definitely not the salads that come packed in containers.
– Avoid too much of anything and Cat everything in proportion. Your diet should be a combination of all cereals, pulses, lentils, veggies, nuts, fats, fruits, meat and dairy products.
– Consume a lot of liquids. A generous water intake and consuming liquids such as juices and soups are the best practice.
– Do not skip meals no matter what. The idea of dieting and losing weight is not correct. You need to consume all the meals.

Do you exercise?
If the answer is no, it calls for a big change in lifestyle. Exercising every day is utmost important to make sure that the reproductive system is stimulated every day. Exercising also increases metabolism and helps to excrete out the unwanted and toxic materials in the body. It also stimulates the hormones in the body. Thus exercising is important to keep the body well functioning. You can switch to regular cycling, swimming, walking, warm-ups and stretches, yoga, join a gym or do aerobics or do any other kind of exercise that suits you.

Are you deficient in any vitamins or minerals?
It is quite a possibility that you do not have an answer to this question. It is advised to take prenatal tests to make sure that the body is well nourished to go through pregnancy and have a healthy baby. After the prenatal tests, you can take prenatal vitamin medicines to get proper nutrition.

Are you taking enough sleep?
Sleep calms you down and relaxes your body for it to function well the next day. It is thus important that you take enough sleep and keep your body fit and strong.
All of these lifestyle changes are important to adapt to if you are troubled with infertility or want to start a family.