Sperm Testing and Increase Your Sperm Count

This article is all about low sperm count and some suggestions to increase your sperm count naturally to get conceive. In most cases, male infertility is due to low sperm count and semen analysis can help you to find out male factor infertility by simple Semen analysis test. WellSpring performs semen analysis and provides the best solution to move ahead with new hope. There are many causes of low sperm count including genetic, surgical and hormonal but we believe in solutions and as a leading IVF clinic of Gujarat, India we assist our valued patients to the right direction of parenthood.

“As per Semen analysis statement (2010), WHO  a sperm count of less than 15 million sperms/ml to be low for healthy fertile men.”

Oligospermia: Low Sperm Count
Azoospermia: Total Absent of Sperm

Sperm and Genetics have their own world. Not only sperm count, even sperm size, shape, and movement matter!
In India and in many other countries, millions of men are facing infertility. In typical Indian society, women are blamed for infertility, but bear in mind, not only women, in some cases men are not capable to release quality sperm and due to this male factor infertility, pregnancy not possible. Don’t worry, we have solutions.

WellSpring Semen Analysis:

A male patient has to give their semen sample at our IVF center; we have advanced tools where we examine sperm and seminal fluid. In such tests, we can know the amount of seminal fluid, sperm count (how many sperms are there), sperm movement, sperm appearance, size, and shape. Along with it, we also do your blood test to make sure for any other hormone problems as well as the physical examination to rule out any surgical cause of oligospermia.
To Make Your Sperm Healthy You Should Eat the following foods:

Dark Chocolate
Pumpkin Seeds
Goji Berries

Along with such foods, you may take some nutritional powders to boost your sperm count, but for that, you should ask your consultant. Remember that Sperm maturation cycle takes approximate two and half months so improvement in result you will notice over a period of 2 to 6 months. When you consult us, our specialist will say you what to do and what not to do to enhance your sperm count & quality. With proper diagnosis and treatment, many male patients had got good results at our clinic, you will be the next!

We do our best, but no one controls the sperm morphology, if a man’s most of the viable sperms are abnormal, we may suggest our patient get the help of donor sperm. The donor sperm may be used along with other treatments, as per the patient’s benefit. Every month many male patients come with their partner to our clinic and we give them the right direction so that they should get proper Fertility treatment with Best IVF success rates in India. WellSpring treats both male and female infertility at an affordable IVF treatment cost in India and with great care keeping patients future and safety in mind, and drive to results.