IVF technology is a ray of hope to the couples who want to be parents but are infertile. The IVF technology is widespread across the world. There are many couples who are getting treated at these clinics and living their dream of holding their own baby in their hand.

IVF, a technique of artificially combining the egg and sperm to form an embryo and then implanting the embryo so formed in the mother’s uterus, is a technologically superior technique. There are many complications involved and these complications differ from one couple to other.

The process although being a very vigilant process may go wrong at times. There may be a failure in the process at any stage. Not being able to conceive naturally is very stressful on top of it, failure in the IVF process can be another traumatizing incidence to the intending parent.

This is why couples are skeptical about opting for IVF technique. They usually carefully access the success rate of the process while choosing the clinic and choosing their doctors. Globally, it is acclaimed and accepted that the IVF success rate in India is very high.

India is emerging as Best country for IVF success across the world There are various factors in India that are contributing to the Highest success rate for Test Tube Baby treatment in India. Here are a few reasons:

Good clinics: India is a land of great knowledge. There are well equipped Test Tube Baby clinics with all the facilities. The laboratories and the clinics in India have advanced technological equipment. All the world-class amenities are in place. Indian clinics are maintained well and all the tests and inspection to be done is possible in the labs here.

Skilled doctors: Indian IVF doctors are highly qualified. Different types of doctors are needed to handle different cases. Some couples suffer due to hormonal imbalance while some due to wrong lifestyle and some due to problems in reproductive organs. There are specialists in every field and they are very efficient.

Trained staff: The supporting staff at all the clinics is well trained. There are many institutes in India who have the best training institutes for paramedical staff. Having an able staff that assists doctors at every stage and looks after the patient makes a difference to the patient’s health in every hospital. Similarly, having able staff helping couples who are going IVF treatments also has positive results.

Availability of medicines: India is very forward in the medicinal capabilities and availability of medicines. There are many pharmaceutical industries who manufacture the medicines and injectable required for the IVF treatment. The cost of the medicines is also less hence they are also affordable.

India as an Ayurveda center: Diet is something that really helps in an IVF treatment. India has been blessed with the knowledge of Ayurveda. There are many Ayurvedic treatments right from massages, to medication, from herbs to Yogasanas, mostly the couples opt for when in India. All the Ayurvedic treatments make the IVF treatment smooth and effective. Through these Ayurvedic treatments not only ensure that the treatment suits well to the infertility patients and also improves the health of the mother making the pregnancy and thus the test tube baby healthy.

Climatic conditions: IVF success rate in India is also due to an influence of the climate. The climate in India is nurturing in every sense. It is not too dry and not too cold. The climate nurtures the treatment and also helps throughout the pregnancy period.

Legal Surrogacy: In some cases, the intending mother, doesn’t have a capability to conceive or to carry a baby. An infertile woman mostly runs a run of going through a miscarriage even if she conceives. The only alternative to such a condition is opting for Surrogacy in India. A surrogate mother is a woman who carries the baby in her womb until delivery.
In some countries, surrogacy is illegal as it is doubted on moral ground. But in India, surrogacy is legal, there are agencies which help couples appoint a surrogate mother and give birth to their child. Legalization of surrogacy is another reason why many couples fly to India for IVF treatments.

Availability of sperms banks: India also has sperm banks which help couples who are suffering infertility due to immobility in sperms or low sperm count. The sperm banks store healthy sperms which are a major factor in IVF success rate.

India is a sought destination for couples who are unable to conceive by the natural process. Earlier, in India, infertility treatment was taboo but with growing awareness in the common people, many people look at it as just another process of medical treatments.

India has embraced IVF treatment and hence supports the couple who are looking for it. This positivism in people can also be said to be a contributor to the Highest IVF success rate in India.