If you and your partner are planning your first child or are thinking for another child, or someone in your family is looking forward to conceiving, there is always a big concern that the pregnancy should be easy, with no complications and the child should be healthy.

There will be many suggestions pouring on how the couple should be ready financially and mentally to accommodate a child in their house and how a healthy mother will give birth to a healthy child. The suggestions are too many, and the couple goes through a lot while trying for a baby. To put an end to all the commotion, here’s our contribution of how you could improve your chances to become parents by natural conception. So, you can end searching for Best IVF Center in the World.

Here’s a comprehensive diet plan that every female looking to be pregnant could follow to optimize fertility, ensure a healthy pregnancy and healthy childbirth.

Take a protein-rich diet:

Consume foods rich in protein content. Proteins are the basic building blocks of the body and having protein-rich diet is very beneficial in cell development and maintaining hormonal balance. Eggs, poultry, and fish are good sources of proteins. For vegetarians, pulses, yoghurt, nuts, seeds are good protein sources. Make sure your diet includes a combination of all these foods.

Take the right amounts of fats:

Excessive fats or fewer fats, both are not ideal for your reproductive system. You need to intake the right amounts of fats in appropriate amounts every day to maintain the fat level in your body. This level can vary from person to person. The ideal fat for your body can be evaluated from a detailed BMI test.

Intake herbs:

There are specific herbs that are very helpful in strengthening the uterus lining and making the egg strong so that they can form an embryo. These herbs include red raspberry leaf, nettles, and oat straw, ashwagandha, red clover, and dong quo. These herbs when taken either raw or in tea or infused in water, help heal many menstrual and reproductive system problems. Do an in-depth study and find the herbs to form a fertility diet to improve egg quality or treating the menstrual problems. The herbs are for both, men and women which are very helpful in treating sterility.  

Eat fresh and raw:

It is very essential that you take seasonal fruits and vegetables. The seasonal items are the best to maintain hormonal balances and help your body to adapt to the prevailing climatic conditions. This helps in preparing your body to stay active throughout the year and regulates proper blood flow during menstrual cycles. Consuming these fruits and vegetables in the raw form is ideal. You can make salads and fruit assortments of your choice and make them your lunch or dinner or breakfast whichever suits you.

Eat less drink more:

Drinking lots of water does more good for your body than you think. The appropriate quantity of water required by your body is 1 litre for 20 Kilograms of your body weight. Apart from water, soups, herb-infused tea, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies are very important to maintain body temperatures and keeping your body hormones balanced.   

Avoid intake of:

Excessive tannin and caffeine can be counterproductive for your fertility treatment. Smoking and alcoholism need to stop by both, the father and the mother, on the very day you get thought of conceiving. Any other type of toxin that enters your body through any other addiction has to stop because it affects the fertility directly and to a great extent. It has a direct effect on the sperm count and the health of the egg.

Take supplements:

Do a test on both of you and if there is any vitamin deficiency in the body, taking supplements is always advisable. You can complement your diet with supplements if any specific lack exists.

It is often pointed to the mother that it is her health that is going to affect the baby’s health, but parenting is not only the mother’s task but a combined effort of the two parents. Not only the mother to be but also the father to be, need to take equal efforts and a need to follow the diet as mentioned above to make sure the child is healthy.

Apart from a balanced and nutritive diet, regular walk and exercise are also very important to have an excellent reproductive system. Be cautious about how your lifestyle is when you are trying to conceive. A proper diet and stable lifestyle is always good to adapt to especially if you are planning a baby. Especially for women, it is essential to continue with this kind of diet and exercise, until the delivery of the baby and even later to enjoy motherhood and to nurture the baby well.