Every time a baby is born, it is an indication that God has not lost trust in Human beings. Children bring immense joy and happiness to the family and restore innocence to the world. Looking at a newborn is the most amazing feeling in the world. Their tiny finger embracing your finger, their tiny eyes opening and shutting so slowly, the movement to their feet, everything about a newborn is a feeling worth cherishing. The family, especially the parents are on the seventh cloud when they take their little on in their arms. It is sheer bliss.

As amazing it is to have the feeling of having your own baby, the feeling of not being able to have one is equally terrible. Reproduction is the most natural and pure process of nature. But due to changing lifestyles and increasing health problems, infertility in couples is becoming more and more common. Infertility is basically the inability of the couple to conceive a baby and getting pregnant. There may be various causes for a couple to be infertile. The problem could be with the woman’s eggs or the man’s sperms.

The pain of not being able to experience parenthood is immeasurable. The couple who are longing for a child goes through a very traumatic stage. All the tests, medical procedures they undergo to be able to conceive are traumatizing, mentally. It is very difficult to live with the fact that they will never be having their own child. But it’s not an end for these couples. There are many options apart from giving birth to have a child and that is adoption.

An adoption is a good option it gives a family to a child without the family and a family the pleasure to have a child in their home. But adoption gives only a child to the house, not a progeny. The desire to have a biological child who resembles the parents in a certain way or shows some traits and genes of a family is different. Through adoption, a woman’s right to be a mother, to experience breastfeeding, to see their child from day 1 of his birth is taken away. And it is very unfair to the woman.

There is a ray of hope in medical processes that would end their barrenness and that ray of hope is Surrogacy! Surrogacy is a process that couples mostly resort to have their own child when they cannot conceive naturally.  In this process, a woman is appointed as a surrogate mother who carries the child for the intending couple.

Typically there are two types of surrogates: Traditional and gestational surrogates.

Traditional Surrogacy: It is a process where the woman who is going to be the surrogate is inseminated with the intending father’s sperm artificially. The woman then conceives. In this process, the embryo that is formed is by the combination of the intending father’s sperm and the surrogate mother’s eggs. The surrogate has a biological connection with the child. In the case of the traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother is the biological mother of the baby.

Gestational surrogate: This type of Gestational surrogacy involves the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) technique. In this process, the egg and sperms are taken from the intending mother and father respectively. The embryo is formed artificially in the IVF laboratory and then it is inserted in the surrogate mother’s uterus. The surrogate carries the baby in her womb until birth.  Thus the surrogate mother has no genetic links to the baby.

In either type of surrogacy, the surrogate mother has to give the child to the intending parent’s right after the birth. The surrogate mother is not allowed to have any connection with the child after birth. It is completely the parent’s wish as to whom to appoint as the surrogate. Parents can choose a woman they are related to, or are friends with or go for a surrogacy centre.

In the case of commercial surrogacy, there are centres to take care of all the processes that go into surrogacy. Appointing a surrogate, signing all the legal documents between the intending parents and the surrogate everything is taken care by the centre. In commercial surrogacy, the surrogate is paid money in exchange of renting her womb for the childbirth.

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There are a lot of debates that go on and on around the topic of surrogacy. There many people who vouch for adoption over surrogacy. But it is the parent’s will of how they want a progeny of their own. In case it is very difficult to adopt a child whose roots, native land and parents are not known. Surrogacy in India is very safe among all the options of alternate pregnancy.

Every couple is entitled to have a child who is genetically linked to them and carries there family name ahead. In the case of infertility, surrogacy is the only way to have a progeny of own. After all, it is everybody’s right to experience parenthood and raise a child of own and nobody should be denied that right!