What are the Fallopian Tubes?

Fallopian tubes are also known as uterine tubes. The fallopian tube is an important part of the reproductive system, which means women with blocked fallopian tubes have difficulties in getting pregnant. The fallopian tube carries the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. It is also the place where fertilization of the egg takes place, as the sperm travels upstream from the vagina to the fallopian tubes. The fertilized egg subsequently attaches itself to the uterus and soon develops into a baby.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Due to some medical issues and hormonal changes, the fallopian tubes can get blocked and because of this blockage, the egg is not transferred to the uterus. The blockage of the fallopian tubes leads to infertility in women. Some women suffer from an ectopic pregnancy, whereby the egg is stuck in the fallopian tube instead of traveling to the uterus. Treatment of this ectopic pregnancy needs surgical intervention.

Causes of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

1) Pelvic infections (Pelvic inflammatory diseases)

2) Ruptured appendix

3) Surgery in the pelvis or lower abdomen

4) Ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tubes

Diagnosis of Fallopian Tubes

It is important to observe the fallopian tubes through sonohysterography, laparoscopy, or hysteroscopy and establish if the tubes are blocked or not.

To treat blocked fallopian tubes, surgery is an option but chances of getting pregnant decrease notably post-surgery. A good and proven alternative is to avail of test tube baby treatment India or try natural remedies that can help clear the fallopian tube blockage.

Below are some remedies to clear blocked fallopian tubes naturally.

1) Fertility massage: Fertility massages help and support the reproductive system, the menstrual cycle, and the reproductive organs. The massage improves blood circulation, which helps in unblocking fallopian tubes.

2) Castor oil massage: Castor oil is specifically used for healing purposes and can also be used for the reproductive system as it enhances blood circulation and improves the healing process.

3) Natural herbs: Natural herbs like ginger, goldenseal, peony, dong quai, uva ursi, wild yam etc. help improve fallopian tube health. Since these herbs have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, hormonal balancing, and circulating properties, they improve the reproductive system’s functioning and boost the chances of conceiving a child.

4) Regular Yoga: Yoga increases the chances of getting pregnant as it helps to manage stress and increases the potency of the reproductive system. Yoga also improves blood circulation, which is known to clear Fallopian tube blockage.

While damage or blockage of the fallopian tube has major repercussions on a woman’s ability to conceive, there are ways to mitigate and work around the effects of the problem. The ideal fertility or best surrogacy treatment first take into consideration the extent of damage or blockage of the tubes. If the blockage or damage is minor, attempts to resolve it through medications and non-surgical methods might be made. If the blockage is beyond repair, Best IVF doctor in India can help the patient conceive a child. Either way, blocked fallopian tubes are no longer the impediment they once were as far as getting pregnant is concerned.