Where can I get affordable IVF treatment Cost in India?

Before discussing on IVF treatment cost, we need to understand the world scenario. For couples around the world, starting a family is as much a dream as it is a priority. The conception, the whole term of pregnancy, and finally the long 9-month wait culminates into the birth of a beautiful, healthy newborn baby.

Life as we know it blossoms right before our eyes and it is a happy, magical moment for the new parents. However, not everyone is lucky enough to conceive the natural way. Many a time, certain complications arise and make things a lot more difficult.

There is a wide range of causes that can prevent natural conception. Infertility, medical health conditions, illnesses, and hormonal issues make it very tough to reproduce in a healthy, natural way. This is extremely disappointing and disheartening for the couple in question.

In order to combat these issues, technology has paved the way for a variety of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Particularly IVF treatment because of affordable IVF Treatment Cost in India to help increase the chances of conception and mitigate the problem of infertility.

Couples worldwide have sought refuge in IVF treatments to better their chances of conceiving. The reason behind that is the Highest Success Rate of IVF in India. IVF make their dreams come true.

Good news is, unlike all those years ago when IVF was relatively new and extremely expensive, nowadays there are a lot of clinics willing to offer treatments at affordable IVF treatment cost in India. Thus, all you need to do is approach the Best IVF Center in India and get in touch with a specialist who will guide you through the process.

What can I expect while opting for an IVF Treatment in India?

Any doctor you approach will first run a set of tests and diagnostics to try and get a basic idea of the problem. A physical examination will also be done to go along with the test reports.

Based on the analysis of these tests, your fertility expert will guide you through the correct course of action. It is important to remember that IVF treatments are personalized treatments and every case is unique.

There is never a ‘one method suits all’ policy in fertility treatments, which is why your case will also be individually studied. Many times a simple few medicines can treat the problems and help in a successful conception.

Other times, varied ART techniques such as Artificial insemination, laser assisted hatching of embryos, Blastocyst Culture, ICSI, IMSI, PESA/TESE etc. can also help your cause.

It is only in cases where nothing else works or is preferable for you, do doctors suggest IVF treatment. In an IVF cycle, the eggs are harvested from the uterus and combined with the sperm externally in a lab.

Once an embryo is thus formed, it undergoes a culturing process for a couple of days. Post the completion of the culturing process, the embryo(or embryos) are inserted into the uterus.

Women undergoing IVF are also given stimulants to aid the development of the eggs in the uterus. FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) is commonly used to increase the production and development of eggs, thus increasing the chances of healthy embryos.

IVF treatment cost in India has also become reasonable which encourages couples to opt-in for IVF treatments. Sometimes, your first cycle may not be successful. But don’t lose heart, consult with your specialist to find out what went wrong and take a better informed second attempt. A lot of couples have achieved success on their second or even third attempts. So, there’s always hope.

How to increase IVF Success Rate in India?

There are a few things that you could do to increase your chances of success while undergoing an IVF treatment.

Firstly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of paramount importance.

Habits like smoking and drinking are severely damaging and can hinder conception. Smoking has been known to reduce the production of eggs in the uterus and also decrease sperm production and motility. Thus, these habits are best discouraged.

Also, reducing your stress level and keeping your mental health in a good condition is very beneficial.

For women, being extremely underweight or overweight can also hinder pregnancies, therefore maintaining a healthy weight is necessary.

For men, sperm production is severely affected by the consumption of supplements or anabolic steroids, as well as scrotum infections, and even hot baths and jacuzzis. If you’re going in for an IVF cycle refrain from these things prior to treatment.

In addition to this, if there’s any history on either side of some kind of hereditary or genetic medical condition; make sure your doctor knows about it.

Taking these steps goes a long way in ensuring the highest success rate in an IVF treatment.

Why does India preferred destination for an IVF treatment?

In India in the past few years, IVF has gained increasing popularity, as each day many couples opt for it. The wide range of opportunities and a decent IVF success rate in India is what attracts many people.

The cheap IVF treatment cost in India, expert fertility doctors, and excellent medical care is what makes IVF treatment such a preferred option for so many hopeful couples across the country.