IVF Journey is the most evasive journey. Where the infertile couples are full of confusion, worries and lots of questions regarding IVF treatment. What measures are to be taken for IVF Success Rate. there are many things to consider. To look for the best doctor for IVF treatment in India is a priority then.

Here we are going to discuss what measures are to be taken to improve IVF Success Rate.

1) Do Research of the Centre

It’s important to do proper review the best IVF center with the highest success rate. Choose the fertility center which will increase the chances of pregnancy. Read reviews about the center, whether it is a good IVF center with advanced medical technology with IVF & Counsellor team to guide the patients and take care of them. One can get the best treatment with the highest IVF success rate in India.

2) Eat Healthy Diet

During IVF treatment women are exhausted with the treatment and stress. To increase the chances of pregnancy, women should follow a fertility diet to enhance the working of reproductive organs. Nourishment to the embryo with the good blood supply, proteins, and nutrients for positive results and healthy pregnancy.

3) Avoid Heavy Exercise

After IVF treatment your body drains away with the procedure and stress. It’s preferable not to do heavy exercise after IVF process this will reduce the chances of pregnancy. Heavy exercise may reduce your fertility and may cause IVF failure or miscarriage.

4) De-Stressing

IVF journey, it’s a stressful journey. Most of the couples are worried about infertility and IVF process. The best way to De-stress yourself by doing meditation, yoga and read positive books that will make you happy and relax.

5) Do Sex

Continue doing sex after IVF process, this will help to improve fertility and increase the chances of IVF success rate.

6) Take Proper Rest

Make sure you take proper rest during the IVF process. Taking plenty of rest will maintain hormone balance and keeps you healthy for further pregnancy.

7) Avoid Drinking & Smoking

Say no to drinking and smoking during the IVF procedure. Drinking, and smoking reduces fertility and the chances of pregnancy. Drinking smoking can affect womb lining, increases the chances of miscarriage and stillbirth.


Be patient and stress-free during the IVF process. No IVF expert will guarantee IVF success. But you should be positive about the treatment and IVF experts. And do a pregnancy test after 3 weeks of the process.