Successful IVF After Menopause: Here’s how Rekhaben Beat all odds

Rekhaben, 50, belongs to a small village near Mehsana, Gujarat. Living in a joint family, rekhaben was married to a farmer. Although married at the child-bearing age, Rekhaben and her husband failed to conceive due to male infertility. Rekhaben after a lot of efforts failed to convince her husband to consult with the fertility expert. But all her efforts failed when her husband denied.  Rekhaben had accepted her fate of being a childless mother, until she had known IVF.

As time passed, Rekhaben reached her menopause which had made her immensely sad as she had lost all the chances of becoming pregnant and having children. One of her relatives informed her about the trendy process called test tube baby which has helped many infertile couples to have babies. The words of having babies made her curious to know more about the test tube baby process. She convinced her husband to at least consult with the gynecologist in the big city like Ahmedabad in order to find out a way to become pregnant.

Introduction to IVF

Rekhanben and her husband arrived in Ahmedabad and meet one of the local gynecologists. The gynecologist advised them that they cannot bear the child naturally as Rekhaben has reached her menopause. But she also informed them about the numerous options that might help them to have children in future and one such option is IVF.

With the reference of the gynecologist, Rekhaben and her husband met Dr. Pranay Shah. Dr. Shah has admired them and promised them to treat with the most advanced way possible. After the detailed investigation of infertility, it is cleared that rekhanben and her husband both need the additional services of donors in order to assist their IVF treatment.

It is clear that there might be additional expenses of the sperm donor as well as the egg donors which will significantly increases their IVF treatment cost. The couple agreed to these additional services and her husband had sold the entire land in their village in order to finance their IVF treatment. Although the relatives were not in support, the couple wanted to have children who could make them happy and provide a purpose to their dull lives.

Donor Services to Assist With IVF

As Rekhanben has achieved her menopause, she needs an egg donor who can help her to start the IVF treatment. At WellSpring, we professionals offer all kinds of IVF treatment with additional services like egg donors, sperm donors and surrogacy. We helped rekhaben to find the best and healthy egg donor. After selecting the egg donor, her egg retrieval process has been scheduled.  Ten to fifteen healthy eggs are collected and sent to laboratory for further process. Soon the eggs are retrieved, so does the sperm. The couple also took the help of sperm donor for which they had paid Rs. 20,000 additionally.

Hormone Therapy to Prepare Uterus

After the eggs and the sperms are retrieved and sent to the laboratory for fertilization, Dr. Shah advised rekhaben to start the hormone. When a woman achieved menopause, she lost the major hormones, which might increase the chances of IVF failure. In order to make her body prepare for pregnancy, it is necessary to give her hormone therapy. With the help of hormone therapy, her body will accept the embryo and will be habituated to the period of pregnancy.

It includes the process for preparing the uterus to accept an embryo which is much as the same for the woman in her twenties or thirties. For the woman who has already experienced menopause, there is a uterine rejuvenation process; she must go through this process to prepare her womb for the embryo.

Although after uterus atrophies occur after menopause, estrogen and progesterone therapy can return the fetus to a healthy state. Hormonal stimulus in this example is more important than ever before, because after menopause, the uterus may possibly contract in one-third of its normal size. In some women, endometrial lining has become very thin, before the rest of the size and thickness to support the IVF cycle in order to support healthy pregnancies requires an extended period of hormonal treatment. Prior to IVF treatment, cyclone estrogen / progesterone have been found to support the successful outcomes of the initial three months of treatment. Each woman is different and so the IVF treatment is. It is important to determine what course of treatment is best to prepare for pregnancy.

Successful IVF at WellSpring

After the successful fertilization of eggs in the laboratory, Rekhaben was told that three embryos have been successfully made to the blastocyst culture. Due to her age, Dr. Shah advised to transfer one embryo in order to prevent overload on the uterus. As only one embryo would be transferred, it is necessary to freeze it as the frozen embryo has higher chances of implantation than the fresh embryo. Rekhaben also asked to freeze the rest of the two embryos in order to have child in near future.

The cost of IVF treatment further increased due to the additional services of Frozen Embryo Transfer. On the day of transfer, Rekhaben and her husband was excited and emotional as it was the day of the inception of their baby. After the FET process, she is advised to take rest for a day and then she left for her village. Two week later when she was appointed for having a pregnancy, it was a complete surprise for her as well as for the entire team of WellSpring as the test was positive and her embryo had accepted the uterus successfully and implanted in it.

Child After Menopause is an Exception

No one chose to stand out, no one wants to beat all odds, no one wants to go against the society norms, but Rekhaben did. She and husband fought against all odds and choose the path of parenthood even after attaining menopause. She is now a five months pregnant and is expected to due in October 2019.