Long Infertility Journey, Lost Hope, Failed IUI didn’t stop Nathan and Rene to become Parents

Nathan and Rene tried for a year before getting help. We did one full cycle with a fresh transfer and one frozen embryo transfer. It took them two year to conceive after getting help with their fertility. They will never forget the day when they successfully implanted their embryo and getting positive pregnancy test. This is the story of a struggling infertile couple who had lost all hope for becoming parents. Fortunately, they had found WellSpring IVF & Women’s Hospital which had made it possible to transform their lives from infertile couple to happy parents.

On the day after the consulting with Dr. Pranay Shah, Rene will never forget the reports of her husband’s semen analysis. She said, he texted her while she was at work and said he wanted to talk to her. She was very anxious and told him that he couldn’t do that to her as she wanted to know what was going on with him. He texted back and replied that it was him. He was having an infertility issues. Nathan was having zero sperm.

Healthy Baby with frozen embryo transfer processAlthough the diagnosis was disappointing, the couples knew that they could do something and they had another plan for becoming parents. This is when they started searching for In Vitro Fertilization clinic in their city. Unfortunately, the IVF treatment in their area is quite expensive and they cannot afford to spend more than $300,000 for just a single IVF cycle.

This is time when they started to look for other countries for affordable IVF treatment cost. To their surprise, they found WellSpring IVF & Women’s hospital in India which is offering successful results for their IVF treatment at just $2000 to $5000.

Exact infertility diagnose at WellSpring

Immediately, without any hassle, the couple consulted with the fertility expert Dr. Pranay Shah who was also the director of the hospital. Dr. Shah convinced them to visit the hospital for a proper diagnosis and a proper guidance of their fertility treatment. The couple had applied for medical tourism visa and they arrived at the hospital without any difficulties.

The Indian government had revised their rules and regulations for medical tourism. When they got an appointment, they were off on their journey. Dr. Shah suggested to conclude more semen analysis and it revealed that there is a small amount of sperm. That was the most wonderful news they had ever heard. Dr. Pranay Shah advised them to freeze several samples for several test to see if they could determine the cause of the low sperm count and if they can start the IVF process without getting any help from the donor sperm. A biological child for them was still possible. After the couple went through many tests, it was determined that Nathan had a Y-chromosome microdeletion which caused his sperm count to zero and every low sometimes.

Hope with WellSpring

The IVF cycle was started in the middle of May, 2017 and they went in for their gametes retrievals. After the egg retrieval process, Nathan provided his fresh semen. They both retrieved in total 15 healthy eggs which is not bad for a 34 year old woman. But Nathan’s gamete retrieval was without sperm. But the semen was frozen and then thawed. After thawing, the laboratory technicians at WellSpring IVF spend 6 hours for searching sperm. After spending 6 hours he had successfully found 2 vials of sperms which were enough to fertilize Rene’s 11 eggs then will freeze successfully.

Rene and Nathan decided to select ICSI which increases the success rate of their IVF. As they are low on sperms, it is necessary that they should not waste any of their sperms in order to get a biological child. They even decided to freeze the remaining sperms for future references. At this moment, the couple decided to fertilize three eggs through ICSI and all three eggs were successfully fertilized. They have scheduled to the embryo transfer.

Although they have decided to have three embryos, only one had successfully made it to the blastocyst culture. The final embryo is then froze and concluded for embryo transfer. Then after thawing the embryo, it was transferred to the Rene’s uterus and then the couple is advised to take rest for several days. After a week later, the couple saw the most amazing second pink line on their pregnancy test. They are shocked and they are so thrilled. That day, Rene also started spotting and even though her HCG levels were good, but it gone down to 10 by Wednesday. She was no longer pregnant.

Two weeks later she got the call from the embryologist that two of their left embryo had made it to an AA quality blastocyst and it was frozen. We further decided and visited India for frozen embryo transfer. Then on 15th September 2017, Rene was operated for frozen embryo transfer and hoped for the best. Her IVF was successful this time and she gave birth to a baby boy on May 2018.

Never Give Up

This is their advice to all the infertile couple out there that they should never give up. It sounds awkward, but it is true that most of the times amazing miracles happen at the right time and on the edge of giving up. Besides, they could not say enough about how well the entire team of WellSpring treated and supported them throughout the IVF journey. The doctors and the entire staff is so prompt in getting information to the couples and they were so ready to answer any type of questions right from billing information to medical questions.

They are so grateful to Wellspring IVF & Women’s Hospital for making their dream of having a family come true. Dr. Pranay Shah was so incredible and had vivacious knowledge about all the infertility issues. The hardest part of the IVF treatment was the feeling that the couple would take one step forward and then feel like they were taking two steps backward. They were lucky to have IVF treatment and start a family.