From years of Infertility struggles to mom of 3 healthy kids

When period didn’t come, I and my husband thought we were expecting. Although married at the child-bearing age, me and my husband were not thinking about having kids yet. I was married at 25 years, just graduated from a reputed university in Rajasthan. After marriage, we just moved to another state, Telagana, in order to start a business in the machine tools industry.

After two years of a successful marriage and business, we thought something was missing in our lives and that is a child. “It’s time to try out to have kids,” I said to my husband. He agreed, but when we encountered a series of negative pregnancy tests, we were devastated. Our friends and family advised to seek medical attention.

We are educated and trying couple. The thought of having kids excite me and tried out all the medicines and experiments that people suggested us. I also bought ovulation kits and also read different factors to improve fertility on the Internet. Still all the efforts fell in-vain.

Bumping into WellSpring IVF

One day, while searching for the infertility treatments, I bumped into WellSpring’s website and their different types of infertility treatment. The detailed information on their website prompted me to know more about the different infertility treatments. I immediately contacted them and one of their representatives convinced us to consult with their fertility expert Dr. Pranay Shah. As we are living in Telagana, it was quite difficult for us to take a break from our business to travel and seek medical attention. But my husband and I were so excited to have kids that we just couldn’t stop us to take a visit to Ahmedabad.

A visit to WellSpring IVF

As we decided to consult the Dr. Shah, I contacted WellSpring, IVF center in Ahmedabad. I informed them that we wanted to meet Dr. Shah and seek immediate medication attention for infertility. The representative took note and booked out appointment along with Dr. Shah.
On our arrival, I felt comfortable and welcomed by the staff.

After a physical examination, Dr. Shah suggested to conduct a series of tests. All the tests came back inconclusive and there is no explanation about the odds. The results didn’t leave many options with us. Only one of my hormone levels is elevated and my husband’s sperm count was also low at first, but they appeared normal after the stimulation injections.

Beginning of IVF Journey

With all the tests and low sperm count of my husband, Dr. Shah suggested In Vitro Fertilization, the process by which the mature eggs are retrieved from a woman’s body and fertilized in a lab with a man’s sperm, becoming an embryo. This embryo is then implanted back in woman’s uterus to carry out the pregnancy. Dr. Shah told us that it is a groundbreaking reproductive technology that has lead to birth of more than 10 million babies. Louise Brown, the first baby who was born from IVF is now 40 years old.

I never saw IVF as a negative process as I was actually really welcoming it and excited about it. I remember thinking that this is going to be amazing and I going to have a baby and then I am going to be done. But it didn’t happen like that,

I didn’t get pregnancy after the first round of IVF. During the first IVF cycle, things didn’t get as it was expected. I became pregnant and having a successful embryo implantation with the second round of IVF. I was enjoying my pregnancy and suddenly met with the fortune. I had miscarriage. Nothing can help you to cope for losing your child.

Yet, my husband and I decided to give it a third try. The third time, I had undergone through frozen embryo transfer as the additional treatment recommended by the experts. I am glad things happened as they are planned. I successfully delivered a baby girl on March 2015.

Decided to give it a second try

Soon after the birth of my baby girl, we decided to give her a sibling. After the successful and satisfied results with affordable IVF treatment cost at the WellSpring IVF and Women’s Hospital, we again selected IVF treatment for giving birth to our second child. This time, four embryos have been transferred out of which two are successfully implanted. To our surprise we were expecting twins at this time. I delivered two lovely boys in December 2018.

With the second IVF treatment I have completed my family. I went through a lot of struggle, depression and anxiety to fulfill my dream of having a family. All my sorrows come to an end when I consulted with Dr. Pranay Shah. I must say that these kids are not just kids, they are answer of my prayers while Dr. Shah is the medium to answer my prayers.

Unforgettable experience at WellSpring IVF and Women’s Hospital

I must say that the IVF treatment helped me to have not one, but three healthy kids only because of the support and compassion I received from the Well Spring fertility team. I strongly recommend WellSpring IVF and Women’s Hospital as the well-recognized, and result oriented clinic in India.

The best thing about the hospital is that we never feel discomfort. We had travelled so far from Telagana and because of the English speaking staff we didn’t get any hindrance during our IVF process. The management of the hospital is well organized, the cleanliness, the nursing, the food, everything that we experienced was top of the world. I must say that it is not only skills and experience of Dr. Shah had made us to go through the IVF process, but it is the combine efforts of all the team has made the hospital the top-notch IVF service provider across the country. With four IVF cycles, two miscarriages and lots of struggles, now our hands are full with three children. It was everything I had dream of.