How Amanda Travelled 14,000 KM Towards Motherhood

My journey to motherhood started almost immediately after my husband and I were married in 2013. We tried to conceive on our own for over two year with no success. I then contacted my local fertility clinic. Over the following two years we underwent many tests and a number of infertility treatments, none were successful. We did Clomid with timed intercourse, Clomid with IUI’s, and a few cycles of injections with IUI’s. We were not only financially drained, but we were emotionally stressed too. We wanted to take a break from all the treatments in order to consider what would be the next best step to start our family.

One of my friends suggested me to travel towards India for an affordable IVF treatment cost. Then I started my research for affordable IVF treatment in India. To my surprise, I came to know that there are many top IVF clinics in India which offer successful IVF treatment only at Rs. 200,000. The cost was so surprising that I immediately book an appointment with one of the reputed clinics WellSpring IVF & Women’s hospital in Ahmedabad. We were granted hassle free medical visa by the Indian government in order to support our IVF treatment.

WellSpring was accommodating of me and my husband’s schedules. They allowed us to schedule our initial consultation at the end of the school year since we are both educators. Our visit with the trial coordinator was very informative. We went through the entire process in detail and answered all of our questions. After the detailed investigation, we were allowed to consult with Dr. Pranay Shah. The doctor had vast experience in the assisted reproductive techniques, just like I consulted in Atlanta.

Three weeks later, I made the move to India to stay with my cousin. Upon my return, I started the conventional IVF treatment medications as prescribed me by Dr. Shah. I began taking medications for suppressions, and folic acid supplements for healthy development of my uterus. He also prescribed HCG for ovulation and progesterone in oil after my egg retrieval process. Although, I was busy with my professional duties, I always had my medications and appointment meetings successfully. Dr. Shah was always there to answer my questions through emails, Skype and other modes of communications. I felt secure in knowing that even though I did not see my doctor at every single visit, I knew the WellSpring team was working together to plan a treatment that would make this cycle successful.

After the proper treatment of medication and detailed investigation of my infertility, Dr. Shah had scheduled my egg retrieval process. Again I travelled far in order to provide my eggs for the process of fertilization. Before the process, I had been admitted and injected with the ovulation stimulation injections in order to mature my eggs. Exact after 36 hours, my egg retrieval process was done. It is quite invasive and I was advised to remain calm and corporative throughout the entire process. I had 8 developed follicles which are enough for retrieving eggs. The ovarian follicles were then sent to the laboratory to extract healthy eggs. On the same day, the fresh semen of my husband was also collected.

It was a smooth process and the entire team of WellSpring was amazing and supportive during this tough week. When the staff saw my discomfort, they immediately brought me up to the processs waiting room and did all they could do to make me comfortable unit the doctor could relieve the pressure. I considered this week as the best of the entire experience.

Then after the egg retrieval, we were returned to our home Atlanta and begun our routine work. After a week, we receive a call from the embryologist at the WellSrping. He congratulated us and informed that 8 out of 8 embryos are successfully fertilized and reached to blastocyst culture. He advised us to select the number of the embryos that were to be transferred to the uterus and freeze the rest of the embryos for the future. We did the same and decided to transfer three embryos to the uterus and choose to freeze the remaining for future pregnancies.

The day when my embryo transfer was planned, I was so excited as well as emotional. I tried to call my mom who console me and encourage me to complete the process. The frozen egg transfer process was very well planned and it was just like the process of transvaginal ultrasound. Everything gone just it was planned. Then I was again returned to my home and advised to take rest as much as possible. Exact after two weeks I was suggested to conduct a pregnancy test. It was to my surprise that it was positive; I share the images of pregnancy test to the WellSpring team. Then I was under the constant supervision and observation of the team. Although I was far away, but there was no disturbance, no hindrance in my treatment. Dr. Shah and his team members were in constant communication with me through different modes of communication. Then after my 10 weeks pregnancy I was suggested to consult with a local gynecologist which further assist me with my pregnancy. I delivered three babies, two girls and one boy at the end of March 2018.

WellSpring is on the cutting edge of fertility treatments center. We are glad to be the part of their treatment. We didn’t experience any language barrier as all the nurses and the staff is fluent in English. The infrastructure was also very comfortable and we didn’t feel any sort of discomfort during the treatment. Right from the food to the cleanliness everything was just perfect and managed in the most advanced manner. Thanks to WellSpring, my husband and I have started our family with the welcoming of our son and two daughters. We look forward to expanding our family in the future with the help of WellSpring IVF& Women’s Hospital.