Jeetu’s Struggles Towards Parenthood Lead Him Towards Surrogacy

Jitendra, shortly known as Jeet was a young and aspiring citizen of Ahmedabad. Jeetu was married at the age of 25, but soon realized that his wife was not loyal to him. He was on the edge of a distress and he had suffered a terrible divorce. After all this stress and disturbance, he wanted to have a peaceful life. He wanted be married and have a family, but all his efforts are in vain.

Jeetu, didn’t lose hope as he still wanted to be a parent and wanted to raise a child. To his concern, he didn’t want to remarry but want to have a kid who could give meaning to his restless live. While browsing internet, he came across one of the most advanced methods of assisted reproductive techniques called surrogacy.

In surrogacy, the couple needs hire a uterus of a woman to implant the embryo. After the process of fertilization, the embryologist will wait till the blastocyst culture. Then the embryo will be transferred to the surrogate mother instead of transferring it to the biological mother. There are many couples who select IVF treatment along with Surrogacy in order to help them to deliver their child. In surrogacy, the overall IVF treatment cost will increase as the patient needs to carry out all the expense related to the help of the surrogate mother. There are thousands of mothers who wanted to outsource their uterus in order to help other couples to become parents.

Surrogacy, no Longer a Myth

As the citizens of India were becoming more and more aware about surrogacy, all the barriers between the latest technology and the conventional methodologies about pregnancy has been removed. The people were becoming more advanced and have started accepting the latest ART techniques in order to fulfill their dream of completing a family. When all the options of becoming parents failed, surrogacy came in role and helped more than 5 million couples across the world to complete their family. In India, surrogacy is getting a good trend as the couple is selecting it as the viable option along with their IVF treatment.

Introduction to Surrogacy at WellSpring

After a detailed conversation with one of his best friends, Jeetu started a search operation to find the best doctors who could help him with the surrogacy. On his way towards home one day, he saw the advertising board of WellSpring IVF & Women’s Hospital. Then complete this research on the Internet and called the hospital. One of the hospital’s representatives told him to meet with their director Dr. Pranay Shah. Jeetu agreed and booked an appointed with the doctor.

In the meeting along with the Dr. Pranay Shah, Jeetu shared his heartbroke story and the reason why he was so desperate to raise a child. Dr. Shah consoled him and asked him for his corporation and permission to continue with the IVF treatment with surrogacy as the additional treatment. He also informed that he has the right to select the surrogate mother who was going to carry his children.

Selecting the Right Surrogate Mother

The selection of the right surrogate mother was not easy for Jeetu and his family. The mother should not only be healthy, but it should be having good moral values as her values were going to include in the children. Jeetu along with his parents arrived at the selection day. They interviewed a couple of woman who have applied to surrogate their child.

During the selection, he asked the woman why she was surrogating and bearing the child. To this question, she replied that being pregnant brought her closest to the god than before. From that day, she started surrogacy and started helping the childless couple to taste parenthood. With this reply, they selected her and requested her to help them carry their baby.

Surrogate mothers played a very crucial role with immense responsibility throughout the pregnancy. Through psychological counselling, constant guidance and proper medical care, WellSpring made sure our Surrogate mothers have best possible conditions required for a successful birth of a healthy baby.

Legal Agreement For Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an exciting procedure and once the couple and surrogate mother found each other, both the parties generally eager to start the embryo transfer and pregnancy. WellSpring not only helped Jeetu to start a family, but they also helped him to proceed with all the legal responsibilities and commitments that are associated with Surrogacy. But before jumping into the laboratory process, there are few important legal factors that should be taken into consideration. In India, there are few laws related to surrogacy and the three main laws include the surrogacy contract, the pre-birth order and in some case the post-birth contracts. The experts at the WellSpring helped jeetu to select the right terms in the surrogacy contract in order to assist him towards IVF treatment, pregnancy and then child birth.

IVF treatment with surrogacy at WellSpring

The IVF treatment with additional surrogacy at WellSpring includes the services like:

  • Perfect Matching Process to Find a Surrogate Mother: Advanced databases to match every parent’s criteria and requirement
  • Complete Legal Compliance: Taking care of all the legal arrangements to protect the rights of both parties in the surrogacy process
  • Psychological & Educational Support: Helping intended parents with all the information & psychological counseling throughout the process
  • Loan Assistance: Understanding your financial concerns and providing you with Loan Assistance in completing your surrogacy treatment
  • Screening of Surrogate: Timely screening of surrogate mother for any medical condition to ensure birth of a healthy baby
  • Guaranteed Results: Helped bring over 2100+ babies into the world with the highest success rates.

WellSpring is well-equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities when it comes to complete the dream of childless couple. Within a month, Jeetu who was alone, distress and confuse found a way towards happiness and goal of his life. The surrogate mother gave birth to a cute little baby who brought happiness in jeetu and his parent’s lives.