Selecting the right IVF center is the first step towards parenthood.

What is IVF?

IVF is a process where the eggs and sperms are fertilized outside the body particularly in the Vitro which is technically known as glass. After introducing the sperms into the Vitro, the doctors will wait for 36 to 48 hours for the fertilization. Then the embryo has been kept in proper oxygen and accurate supply of nutrients to form a blastocyst. Then after 3 to 4 days, this blastocyst has been transferred to the uterus in the woman with the help of a catheter. Then after a few days, the signs are pregnancy will emerge. This is how once IVF cycle works. In case you didn’t notice any signs of pregnancy after this IVF cycle and occurred your menstrual period, then the chances of failure of the IVF treatment are high. In such a case, consult your doctor and seek further medical attention.

Top IVF Centers in India

IVF is one of the most sought artificial reproductive techniques which have gained immense popularity across the world. Thousands of patients travel to other countries in order to seek affordable IVF treatment. One such country is India where hundreds of couples arrived on medical tourism to get the IVF treatment at cheaper rates. India stands second for concluding a successful IVF delivery in 1978. Thus, there is no exception that the doctors are practicing artificial reproductive techniques for more than 40 years. The top IVF centers in India are well-equipped with world-class IVF medical facilities including doctors trained in developed countries, skilled laboratory technicians, experienced fertility experts, latest diagnostic tools, English speaking staff, and comfortable infrastructure.

Tips to choose the Best IVF Center in India

If you have planned to give the IVF treatment a try, then India must be prior on your list. The IVF clinics in India not only provide advanced medical treatment including assisted reproductive techniques, but they also offer world-class infrastructure to provide utmost comfort to their patients. Here, have shared a few tips which might help you to find the best IVF center in India.

1. About IVF Center

The foremost thing that you should consider is that the IVF center in India should be government recognized and must have an ISO 9001 certification. You can check this certification on their website or you can even ask to show them the certification. Then you need to check the qualification and experience of the IVF doctor. The qualification of the doctor must include the endoscopic Gynecology, expertise in IVF and fertility consultant. Besides, you can select the IVF center according to their size and working methodologies. The centers are categorized in the following types:

  • A solo practitioner providing the treatment alone
  • Small scale IVF center with just 8 professionals
  • Large scale IVF center with more than 20 professionals
  • Fertility network with donor and surrogacy services

2. Success Rates of the IVF Center

The success rates of the IVF center might depend on different factors including the experience of the doctor, the availability of the advanced equipment, and the number of IVF cycles performed by the doctors. In general, the average success rate of any IVF center is around 40% for the woman under 40 years. But this figure can fluctuate according to the type of infertility, the age of the woman and the circumstances of previous pregnancy. You can say that the success rate is not a factor when you select the IVF center well-equipped with cutting-edge technology, skilled lab technicians and experienced IVF doctors.

3. Standards of Lab

The laboratory standards followed by the IVF Center should be strict and under the guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research. According to the guidelines, the centers must follow the highest possible standards in the storage and handling of the gametes and embryos with respect to their security and in regard to their recording and identification. Furthermore, the following protective measures should be followed in order to ensure the aseptic conditions for gamete and embryos.

  • The user of laboratory clothing
  • Non-toxic gloves and masks
  • Eye and face protection
  • Use of vertical laminar-flow benches
  • Use of mechanical pipetting devices
  • Use of fume-hood in case of fixatives
  • Disinfection and sterilization of potentially infected equipment
  • Use of disposal materials
  • Dissertation of sharp objects like needles in special containers

4. Check Hidden Cost Other Than Treatment

The only hidden cost that is associated with the IVF treatment is the cost of health complications caused by multiple pregnancies after the successful embryo transfer. If the patient is not undergone through the ICSI, the chances of having multiple pregnancies are high. In such a case, the woman needs to take extra care and extra medical attention including regular ultrasounds, blood tests and in constant supervision of a gynecologist. In these circumstances, you might have to spend an extra amount for the multiple pregnancies.

5. Are Your Reports and Information Confidential

Correct handling and identification of patients and their gametes and embryos are necessary. The IVF clinics in India follow strict standards when it comes to providing a non-disclosure agreement to their patients. All the reports about the patients, their source of gametes, the process of embryos and other important information should remain confidential.

6. Advanced Reproductive Training and Technology

The IVF clinics in India are well-equipped with the latest technology and advanced reproductive techniques. The top IVF centers in India offer the most advanced reproductive techniques including intrauterine insemination, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, pre-implantation genetic disorder, testicular sperm aspiration, egg freezing, frozen embryo transfer, tube reversal, zygote intrafallopian transfer, Gamete intrafallopian transfer, surrogacy, gestational carriers, and many others.


When it comes to selecting the right IVF center in India, you can consider the above mention factor. The experience of the doctor is also vital for a successful IVF pregnancy. It is necessary that you should do your research prior to selecting the best IVF center. Along with the world-class facility, you should remember that the IVF treatment can be stressful and you have to deal with your emotions. Thus, be prepared to be comfortable and supported with your beloved ones while moving forward with the IVF treatment in India.