If you are trying to conceive through IVF treatment, you’ll get many advises. There may be many articles that you read or many people you’ll come across who would tell you stories about different people and their successful or unsuccessful cases which might be both, encouraging or discouraging.
For you to not be sceptical about IVF treatment or maximum IVF success rate in India and at the same time not to be over ambitious about the process, here is an accurate take on all the myths you might encounter while are considering IVF as an option for conceiving your baby.

1. IVF treatment is like shooting the arrow in the dark:
Well, if you are unable to convince by natural ways, IVF is an option to consider. IVF – Test Tube Baby treatment is a scientifically proven process with advanced medical equipment to test and treat all the barriers that are resulting in infertility. The IVF doctors run the couple through various tests, identify the reason that is leading to infertility and take necessary steps and appoint a sperm donor or a surrogate mother or give the medications accordingly.

2. Through IVF, only twins and triplets are conceived.
Well, the fact that many couples give birth to twins or triplets cannot be ignored, but there are many single born test tube babies also. The number of children that are born is dependent on the luck and is as natural as conceiving through the natural process. There is no way that one can pre-decide whether they want twins or triplets.

3. Test tube babies run a higher risk of congenital disabilities, developmental delay, or contracting specific illness:
Well, this is one myth that you should never trust. A child born of IVF technology is as healthy as a normal child. In fact, while you opt for IVF, you may also get some tests done on the embryo formed in the laboratory. The tests like PGD screening, in fact, may help you identify any defects in the fetus and select the best and fittest embryo and assure that the baby born is healthy and beautiful.

4. IVF always works, you need to go through enough cycles:
IVF is a boon to the couples who cannot conceive naturally. It is to be noted that there can be numerous reasons why the couple cannot conceive naturally and IVF can tackle only with certain issues. If the woman’s body is unable to hold the embryo even after conception, or if the man’s sperms are incapable of mating with the eggs, and the couple refuses to go for a sperm donor, or if the woman is over 40 years, the number of IVF cycles cannot do good to the couples. It is essential to consult the doctor and find out if the issue that is leading to infertility can be treated through IVF or not. The doctor can then decide and go up to 4-6 cycles of IVF. IVF treatment asks for substantial emotional, mental and financial investment so after 6 periods, if the IVF treatment cost in India is not favourable for all the couples.

5. Woman need strict bed rest after embryo implantation.
Depending on the level of complications, or the number of the IVF cycle, the condition of the women after the woman after the embryo is implanted.
In cases where the woman is fit for pregnancy and external sperms are used to form the embryo, the woman can live life as quickly as any pregnant woman.
While on the other hand, if there are complications in the body, like less umbilical fluids or weak uterus, the woman may need to pay particular attention after the embryo is implanted.

6. You cannot do anything for a successful IVF cycle:
Well, the myth is ambiguous. Before taking IVF treatment, you need to prepare your body. You can take proper exercise, get rid of smoking and drinking if at all you do. Maintaining a proper diet is essential as it will prepare the body to support the IVF process. An organization with appropriate and balanced nutrients and good stamina and strength, responds well to all any medication in general and IVF treatment is no exception.

7. Stress and unstable mind leads to infertility and also interferes in the IVF treatment:
It is true that stress on our brain can cause many troubles to our body. It is imperial that the intending mother looks after herself and undergoes stress management techniques. The woman undergoing IVF must meditate and exercise regularly. Also, a sound sleep of about 6-8 hours is also advised by the doctors.

Here we have resolved some of the myths that are either true or false concerning IVF treatment. If you are looking for IVF treatment, the best and the only person you should consult is an IVF expert. Deciding whether to go for IVF or cannot be made basis the history of someone you know, because every case is different and is treated differently.