Testosterone being a male sex hormone, is produced in a woman’s ovaries in small amounts. Hormones continuously changes, sometimes rising or falling. Studies have found the testosterone levels decline with age, both in men and women. But in some cases, opposite happens instead of falling the level of testosterone level rises.
Combined with estrogen, the female sex hormone, testosterone helps with the growth, maintenance, and repair of a woman’s reproductive tissues, bone strength, brain functioning, overall development of lean muscle and human behaviours. It also contributes in the natural wellbeing. It is critical for all women to maintain their testosterone at its optimal levels to retain good health and energy.

Symptoms of higher levels of testosterone:

Higher level of testosterone may lead to unwanted effects on the body of women like higher level of this hormone can result into irregular menstrual cycle.
Unwanted hair growth on chin and upper lips area as testosterone is responsible for hair growth in both men and women.
Increased muscle mass, decreased breast size, oily skin, balding specially around hairline and acne breakouts are some of the identifiable symptoms of high testosterone levels in body.
When combining testosterone and infertility, studies have found that lower levels of testosterone in males can cause infertility. On contrary higher levels of testosterone in females lead to infertility. If you face any of the above-mentioned symptoms it is suggested to visit IVF expert and take necessary steps. There are number of a fertility clinic in India who provide with variety of treatments and IVF expert guidance.